Who’s Responsible?

This site is entirely the work of Piers Johnson who makes no claim to ownership of the copyright of any of the screenshots, video or sounds contained herein. This site is wholly a fan-maintained site, no claim to copyright is made by the maintainer or system staff. The content of this site remains the property of the copyright holders in their respective countries, it is used here under the terms of Fair Use.

All the graphic design, text and research within this site, excluding direct quotes, are the property of Piers Johnson. I’ve put in a lot of hours, so please respect my dedication. Feel free to reuse my research, so long as you acknowledge the source if publishing (web or otherwise). You may not reuse the images except for Fair Use (in research, or forums or blogs to support discussion of the show or the actors involved); usage of the images will need to be approved by the original copyright holders or myself first (especially if you’re a cut-rate Dutch graphic designer stealing them for your DVD menus, you know who you are).

You may contact me by drop a message on The Avengers: The International Fan Forum or using the facebook comments bar at the bottom of any page.

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