The Avengers

Series 4, 1965–6

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# Episode Produced London ABC Anglia BTV CTV GTV South STV TT UTV WTV TWW
00 The ‘Chess Board’ Introduction (specially filmed for the US market to explain the characters to the audience)
01 The Town of No Return 3/08/1965 1 28/09/1965 8.00pm 2/10/1965 8.25pm 1/10/1965 8.00pm 3/10/1965 9.35pm 2/10/1965 8.25pm 2/10/1965 8.25pm 1/10/1965 8.00pm 28/09/1965 8.00pm 2/10/1965 8.25pm 1/10/1965 8.00pm 2/10/1965 8.25pm 2/10/1965 8.25pm
02 The Gravediggers 14/04/1965 2 7/10/1965 8.00pm 9/10/1965 8.25pm 7/10/1965 8.00pm 10/10/1965 9.35pm 9/10/1965 8.25pm 9/10/1965 8.25pm 7/10/1965 8.00pm 5/10/1965 8.00pm 9/10/1965 8.25pm 8/10/1965 8.00pm 9/10/1965 8.25pm 9/10/1965 8.25pm
03 The Cybernauts 25/03/1965 14/10/1965 8.00pm 16/10/1965 8.25pm 14/10/1965 8.00pm 17/10/1965 9.35pm 16/10/1965 8.25pm 16/10/1965 8.25pm 14/10/1965 8.00pm 12/10/1965 8.00pm 16/10/1965 8.25pm 15/10/1965 8.00pm 16/10/1965 8.25pm 16/10/1965 8.25pm
04 Death at Bargain Prices 17/02/1965 21/10/1965 8.00pm 23/10/1965 8.25pm 21/10/1965 8.00pm 24/10/1965 9.35pm 23/10/1965 8.25pm 23/10/1965 8.25pm 21/10/1965 8.00pm 19/10/1965 8.00pm 23/10/1965 8.25pm 22/10/1965 8.00pm 23/10/1965 8.25pm 23/10/1965 8.25pm
05 Castle De’Ath 20/08/1965 28/10/1965 8.00pm 30/10/1965 10.05pm 28/10/1965 8.00pm 31/10/1965 9.35pm 30/10/1965 8.25pm 30/10/1965 8.25pm 28/10/1965 8.00pm 26/10/1965 8.00pm 30/10/1965 10.05pm 29/10/1965 8.00pm 30/10/1965 8.25pm 30/10/1965 8.25pm
06 The Master Minds 8/01/1965 4/11/1965 8.00pm 6/11/1965 10.05pm 4/11/1965 8.00pm 7/11/1965 9.35pm 6/11/1965 8.25pm 6/11/1965 8.25pm 4/11/1965 8.00pm 2/11/1965 8.00pm 6/11/1965 10.05pm 5/11/1965 8.00pm 6/11/1965 8.25pm 6/11/1965 8.25pm
07 The Murder Market 18/12/1964 3 12/11/1965 8.00pm 13/11/1965 10.05pm 11/11/1965 8.00pm 5/12/1965 9.35pm 4 13/11/1965 8.25pm 13/11/1965 8.25pm 11/11/1965 8.00pm 9/11/1965 8.00pm 13/11/1965 10.05pm 12/11/1965 8.00pm 13/11/1965 8.25pm 13/11/1965 8.25pm
08 A Surfeit of H2O 11/05/1965 19/11/1965 8.00pm 20/11/1965 9.05pm 18/11/1965 8.00pm 21/11/1965 9.35pm 20/11/1965 9.05pm 20/11/1965 8.00pm 20/11/1965 9.05pm 16/11/1965 8.00pm 20/11/1965 9.05pm 19/11/1965 8.00pm 20/11/1965 9.05pm 20/11/1965 9.05pm
09 The Hour that Never Was 20/07/1965 26/11/1965 8.00pm 27/11/1965 9.05pm 25/11/1965 8.00pm 28/11/1965 9.35pm 27/11/1965 9.05pm 27/11/1965 8.00pm 27/11/1965 9.05pm 23/11/1965 8.00pm 27/11/1965 9.05pm 26/11/1965 8.00pm 27/11/1965 9.05pm 27/11/1965 9.05pm
10 Dial a Deadly Number 22/01/1965 3/12/1965 8.00pm 4/12/1965 9.05pm 2/12/1965 8.00pm 2/04/1966 9.35pm 4 4/12/1965 9.05pm 3/12/1965 8.00pm 4/12/1965 9.05pm 30/11/1965 8.00pm 4/12/1965 9.05pm 3/12/1965 8.00pm 4/12/1965 9.05pm 4/12/1965 9.05pm
11 Man-eater of Surrey Green 11/06/1965 10/12/1965 8.00pm 11/12/1965 9.05pm 9/12/1965 8.00pm 12/12/1965 9.35pm 11/12/1965 9.05pm 10/12/1965 8.00pm 11/12/1965 9.05pm 7/12/1965 8.00pm 11/12/1965 9.05pm 10/12/1965 8.00pm 11/12/1965 9.05pm 11/12/1965 9.05pm
12 Two’s a Crowd 28/05/1965 17/12/1965 8.00pm 18/12/1965 9.05pm 16/12/1965 8.00pm 19/12/1965 9.35pm 18/12/1965 9.05pm 17/12/1965 8.00pm 18/12/1965 9.05pm 14/12/1965 8.00pm 18/12/1965 9.05pm 17/12/1965 8.00pm 18/12/1965 9.05pm 18/12/1965 9.05pm
13 Too Many Christmas Trees 1/03/1965 23/12/1965 9.40pm 25/12/1965 10.10pm 23/12/1965 8.00pm 24/12/1965 8.00pm 25/12/1965 10.10pm 24/12/1965 8.00pm 25/12/1965 10.15pm 21/12/1965 8.00pm 25/12/1965 10.10pm 25/12/1965 8.00pm 25/12/1965 10.10pm 25/12/1965 10.10pm
14 Silent Dust 2/07/1965 31/12/1965 8.00pm 1/01/1966 9.05pm 30/12/1965 8.00pm 2/01/1966 9.35pm 1/01/1966 9.05pm 31/12/1965 8.00pm 1/01/1966 9.05pm 28/12/1965 8.00pm 1/01/1966 9.05pm 31/12/1965 8.00pm 1/01/1966 9.05pm 1/01/1966 9.05pm
15 Room without a View 29/04/1965 7/01/1966 8.00pm 8/01/1966 9.05pm 6/01/1966 8.00pm 9/01/1966 9.35pm 8/01/1966 9.05pm 7/01/1966 8.00pm 8/01/1966 9.05pm 4/01/1966 8.00pm 7/01/1966 8.00pm 7/01/1966 8.00pm 8/01/1966 9.05pm 8/01/1966 9.05pm
16 Small Game for Big Hunters 1/10/1965 14/01/1966 8.00pm 15/01/1966 9.05pm 13/01/1966 8.00pm 16/01/1966 9.35pm 15/01/1966 9.05pm 14/01/1966 8.00pm 15/01/1966 9.05pm 11/01/1966 8.00pm 14/01/1966 8.00pm 14/01/1966 8.00pm 15/01/1966 9.05pm 15/01/1966 9.05pm
17 The Girl from Auntie 26/10/1965 5 21/01/1966 8.00pm 22/01/1966 9.05pm 20/01/1966 8.00pm 23/01/1966 9.35pm 22/01/1966 9.05pm 21/01/1966 8.00pm 22/01/1966 8.55pm 18/01/1966 8.00pm 21/01/1966 8.00pm 21/01/1966 8.00pm 22/01/1966 9.05pm 22/01/1966 9.05pm
18 The Thirteenth Hole 15/09/1965 28/01/1966 8.00pm 29/01/1966 9.05pm 27/01/1966 8.00pm 30/01/1966 9.35pm 29/01/1966 9.05pm 28/01/1966 8.00pm 29/01/1966 8.25pm 25/01/1966 8.00pm 28/01/1966 8.00pm 28/01/1966 8.00pm 29/01/1966 9.05pm 29/01/1966 9.05pm
19 Quick-Quick Slow Death 12/11/1965 4/02/1966 8.00pm 5/02/1966 9.05pm 5/02/1966 8.25pm 6/02/1966 9.35pm 5/02/1966 9.05pm 4/02/1966 8.00pm 5/02/1966 8.25pm 1/02/1966 8.00pm 4/02/1966 8.00pm 4/02/1966 8.00pm 5/02/1966 9.05pm 5/02/1966 9.05pm
20 The Danger Makers 13/12/1965 11/02/1966 8.00pm 12/02/1966 9.05pm 12/02/1966 8.25pm 13/02/1966 9.35pm 12/02/1966 9.05pm 11/02/1966 8.00pm 12/02/1966 8.25pm 8/02/1966 8.00pm 11/02/1966 8.00pm 11/02/1966 8.00pm 12/02/1966 9.05pm 12/02/1966 9.05pm
21 A Touch of Brimstone 24/12/1965 18/02/1966 8.00pm 19/02/1966 9.05pm 19/02/1966 8.25pm 19/02/1966 9.05pm 19/02/1966 9.05pm 18/02/1966 8.00pm 19/02/1966 8.25pm 15/02/1966 8.00pm 18/02/1966 8.00pm 18/02/1966 8.00pm 19/02/1966 9.05pm 19/02/1966 9.05pm
22 What the Butler Saw 7/01/1966 25/02/1966 8.00pm 26/02/1966 9.05pm 26/02/1966 8.25pm 26/02/1966 9.05pm 26/02/1966 9.05pm 25/02/1966 8.00pm 26/02/1966 8.25pm 22/02/1966 8.00pm 25/02/1966 8.00pm 25/02/1966 8.00pm 26/02/1966 9.05pm 2/04/1966 9.05pm
23 The House That Jack Built 18/01/1966 4/03/1966 8.00pm 5/03/1966 9.05pm 5/03/1966 8.25pm 5/03/1966 9.05pm 5/03/1966 9.05pm 4/03/1966 8.00pm 5/03/1966 8.25pm 1/03/1966 8.00pm 4/03/1966 8.00pm 4/03/1966 8.00pm 5/03/1966 9.05pm 5/03/1966 9.05pm
24 A Sense of History 5/02/1966 11/03/1966 8.00pm 12/03/1966 9.20pm 12/03/1966 8.15pm 12/03/1966 9.20pm 12/03/1966 9.05pm 11/03/1966 8.00pm 12/03/1966 9.20pm 8/03/1966 8.00pm 11/03/1966 8.00pm 11/03/1966 8.00pm 12/03/1966 9.05pm 12/03/1966 9.05pm
25 How to Succeed .... at Murder 15/02/1966 18/03/1966 8.00pm 19/03/1966 9.10pm 18/03/1966 8.25pm 19/03/1966 9.10pm 19/03/1966 9.05pm 18/03/1966 8.00pm 19/03/1966 8.25pm 15/03/1966 8.00pm 18/03/1966 8.00pm 18/03/1966 8.00pm 19/03/1966 9.05pm 19/03/1966 9.05pm
26 Honey for the Prince 4/03/1966 25/03/1966 8.00pm 26/03/1966 9.20pm 26/03/1966 8.15pm 26/03/1966 9.20pm 26/03/1966 9.20pm 25/03/1966 8.00pm 26/03/1966 9.20pm 22/03/1966 8.00pm 25/03/1966 8.00pm 25/03/1966 8.00pm 26/03/1966 9.05pm 26/03/1966 9.05pm
27 The Strange Case of the Missing Corpse (three-minute promo announcing that Series 5 would be in colour)

  1. The Town of No Return was initially directed by Peter Graham Scott, featuring Elizabeth Shepherd as Emma Peel from 29 October to November 13 1964. When she proved unsuitable for the rôle, it was reshot July 21 — August 3 1965 with Roy Baker directing. The Avengers Declassified suggests that the second shoot ended around July 30 rather than August 3 1965.
  2. The Gravediggers is given a 12 April completion by Mike Richardson but a 14 April completion date by The Avengers Declassified.
  3. The Murder Market was initially directed by Wolf Rilla from November 23 to December 4 1964, and was subsequently partially reshot by Peter Graham Scott December 16–18 1964.
  4. Dial a Deadly Number is listed in the schedule for both December 5 1965 and April 2 1966 but one of these two must be The Murder Market as it’s the only episode unaccounted for otherwise. The Murder Market was probably substituted for Dial a Deadly Number in December but it’s just as likely that the repetition is an error and it was the other way round.
  5. The Avengers Declassified suggests that The Girl from Auntie finished filming on October 23 1965.
Legend and cast lists
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  • The cast and crew lists are as complete as possible, and readers should note that they are often more informative than the originally broadcast credits; that is, I have included complete character names, if known, in place of a single name — the addition in italics — (e.g. “Jimmy Smallwood” instead of “Smallwood”); and uncredited characters are also listed. Some of these have been identified by a combination of script listings, call sheets, research and good luck; if you see a mistake or can identify someone, let us know.
Media and archive status

All episodes were preserved in the ABC archives and various ITV station libraries and are now available to the public on DVD or digital download.

Episodes are listed in the order of broadcast in the ABC Midlands region, as used by Dave Rogers in his 1990 book on the series. Most regions broadcast in this same order. Various DVD sets have used different orders over the years, I have no idea what the order Studio Canal uses is supposed to represent!

Many of the scripts and promotional photos for the episodes are available as extras on recent DVD sets.

Production dates are from Bowler Hats and Kinky Boots (Mike Richardson, Telos Publishing 2014, First paperback edition) and The Avengers Declassified; the last six episodes only have approximate dates; they are unverified by myself.

  • Teledu Cymru (WWN) had ceased on January 26 1964 when the company suffered a catastrophic financial collapse. Television Wales & West took over the Teledu Cymru name for the WWN area and ran both regions with more or less the same scheduling.
  • In the North, ABC North ran weekends and Granada ran weekdays.
  • In the Midlands, ABC Midlands ran weekends and ATV Midlands ran weekdays.
  • In London, this was inverted, with ATV doing weekends and Rediffusion running weekday schedules. Confused yet?
  • Border Television showed episodes on Sunday nights, skipping November 14 1965 as the Royal Variety Performance was shown instead.
  • Television Wales & West took a four week break from The Avengers November 20 — December 11 1965, showing Hwb l’r Galon and Mad Movies instead. On February 26 1966 they re-scheduled a violent episode of The Rat Catchers which had been replaced the previous week as it contained scenes unsuitable for its earlier timeslot.
International broadcasts

The table below is expandable to show other countries. show all countries

# Episode ABN2 ABV2 USA Canada Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore South Korea
01 The Town of No Return 12/04/1966 8.00pm 5/04/1966 7.30pm 1/09/1966 10.00pm 20/02/1966 6.30pm 7/07/1968 7.30pm - - -
02 The Gravediggers 15/03/1966 8.00pm 8/03/1966 7.30pm 4/08/1966 10.00pm 17/04/1966 6.30pm 16/06/1968 7.30pm 21/11/1967 10.55pm - -
03 The Cybernauts 22/03/1966 8.00pm 15/03/1966 7.30pm 28/03/1966 10.00pm 16/01/1966 6.30pm 30/06/1968 7.30pm 27/12/1967 10.50pm - -
04 Death at Bargain Prices 26/04/1966 8.00pm 19/04/1966 7.30pm 11/04/1966 10.00pm 10/04/1966 6.30pm 28/07/1968 7.30pm 17/09/1967 9.22pm - -
05 Castle De’Ath 17/05/1966 8.00pm 24/05/1966 7.30pm 2/05/1966 10.00pm 1/05/1966 6.30pm - 5/03/1968 10.40pm 8/10/1967 8.05pm 17/02/1970
06 The Master Minds 19/04/1966 8.00pm 12/04/1966 7.30pm 11/07/1966 10.00pm 6/02/1966 6.30pm 1 14/07/1968 7.30pm 12/12/1967 2 24/09/1967 8.05pm 3/02/1970
07 The Murder Market 1/03/1966 8.00pm 1/03/1966 7.30pm 30/05/1966 10.00pm 27/03/1966 6.30pm 4/08/1968 7.30pm 10/09/1967 9.22pm - 24/02/1970
08 A Surfeit of H2O 5/04/1966 8.00pm 29/03/1966 7.30pm - 23/01/1966 6.30pm 3 23/06/1968 7.30pm 1/10/1967 9.45pm - -
09 The Hour that Never Was 24/05/1966 8.00pm 17/05/1966 7.30pm 25/04/1966 10.00pm 30/01/1966 6.30pm 22/09/1968 7.30pm 30/01/1968 10.35pm 29/10/1967 8.05pm -
10 Dial a Deadly Number 8/03/1966 8.00pm 26/04/1966 7.30pm 21/07/1966 10.00pm 4 27/02/1966 6.30pm 5 21/07/1968 7.30pm 6/02/1968 11.00pm 12/11/1967 8.05pm 3/03/1970
11 Man-eater of Surrey Green 10/05/1966 8.00pm 3/05/1966 7.30pm 25/08/1966 10.00pm 13/02/1966 6.30pm 6 25/08/1968 7.35pm 9/01/1968 10.35pm 22/10/1967 8.05pm -
12 Two’s a Crowd 3/05/1966 8.00pm 10/05/1966 7.30pm 9/05/1966 10.00pm 8/05/1966 6.30pm 18/08/1968 7.35pm 2/01/1968 10.15pm 3/12/1967 8.05pm -
13 Too Many Christmas Trees 25/12/1966 9.20pm 25/12/1966 9.20pm 11/08/1966 10.00pm 20/03/1966 6.30pm 7 22/12/1968 7.30pm 19/12/1968 6.10pm - -
14 Silent Dust 19/07/1966 8.00pm 29/07/1966 8.00pm - 6/03/1966 6.30pm 8/09/1968 7.35pm 5/12/1967 10.55pm 8 1/10/1967 8.05pm -
15 Room without a View 29/03/1966 8.00pm 22/03/1966 7.30pm 27/06/1966 10.00pm 13/03/1966 6.30pm 9 11/08/1968 7.30pm 28/11/1967 10.50pm 17/09/1967 9.25pm -
16 Small Game for Big Hunters 31/05/1966 8.00pm 7/06/1966 7.30pm 4/04/1966 10.00pm 3/04/1966 6.30pm 20/02/1966 10 3/10/1967 10.35pm - -
17 The Girl from Auntie 14/06/1966 8.00pm 21/06/1966 7.30pm 6/06/1966 10.00pm 5/06/1966 6.30pm - 10/10/1967 10.52pm - -
18 The Thirteenth Hole 7/06/1966 8.00pm 31/05/1966 7.30pm 18/08/1966 10.00pm 24/04/1966 6.30pm 15/09/1968 7.30pm 23/01/1968 11.00pm 15/10/1967 8.05pm -
19 Quick-Quick Slow Death 21/06/1966 8.00pm 14/06/1966 7.30pm - 7/08/1966 6.30pm - 16/01/1968 10.55pm 5/11/1967 8.05pm -
20 The Danger Makers 28/06/1966 8.00pm 15/07/1966 8.00pm 4/07/1966 10.00pm 3/07/1966 6.30pm 27/10/1968 7.30pm 17/10/1967 10.45pm - 10/03/1970
21 A Touch of Brimstone 5/07/1966 8.00pm 28/06/1966 7.30pm - 14/08/1966 6.30pm - - 26/11/1967 8.05pm 5/05/1970
22 What the Butler Saw 12/07/1966 8.00pm 5/07/1966 7.30pm 28/07/1966 10.00pm 24/07/1966 6.30pm 3/11/1968 7.30pm 24/09/1967 9.24pm - 19/05/1970
8.00pm 11
23 The House That Jack Built 2/08/1966 8.00pm 22/07/1966 8.00pm 16/05/1966 10.00pm 15/05/1966 6.30pm 10/11/1968 7.30pm 24/10/1967 10.30pm - -
24 A Sense of History 26/07/1966 8.00pm 5/08/1966 8.00pm 20/06/1966 10.00pm 19/06/1966 6.30pm 27/02/1966 &
17/11/1968 7.30pm 10
31/10/1967 10.55pm - -
25 How to Succeed .... at Murder 16/08/1966 8.00pm 12/08/1966 8.00pm 13/06/1966 10.00pm 12/06/1966 6.30pm - 13/02/1968 11.00pm 17/12/1967 7.25pm 12 -
26 Honey for the Prince 9/08/1966 8.00pm 19/08/1966 8.00pm - 21/08/1966 6.30pm - - 19/11/1967 8.05pm -

  1. The Master Minds also appeared in the listings on July 10 1966, it’s unclear if it were a repeat or a rescheduling of a pre-empted episode.
  2. It appears that The Master Minds was replaced by SEAP Sports commentary on December 12 1967.
  3. A Surfeit of H2O also appeared in the listings on May 22 1966, it’s unclear if it were a repeat or a rescheduling of a pre-empted episode.
  4. The Avengers moved from Monday to Thursday night in US network transmission on July 21 1966.
  5. Dial a Deadly Number also appeared in the listings on July 17 1966, it’s unclear if it were a repeat or a rescheduling of a pre-empted episode.
  6. Man-eater of Surrey Green also appeared in the listings on May 29 1966, it’s unclear if it were a repeat or a rescheduling of a pre-empted episode.
  7. Too Many Christmas Trees also appeared in the listings on July 31 1966, it’s unclear if it were a repeat or a rescheduling of a pre-empted episode.
  8. The Berita Harian newspaper says The Thirteenth Hole was shown on this day whereas The Straits Times lists Silent Dust. As The Thirteenth Hole is listed for January 23 1968 as well, we can assume Silent Dust was on this date
  9. Room without a View also appeared in the listings on June 26 1966, it’s unclear if it were a repeat or a rescheduling of a pre-empted episode.
  10. Redifussion Television Hong Kong ran ten Diana Rigg episodes from January 23 to March 27, 1966. Only one, A Sense of History, is identified by name and the preceding week’s episode was about a virus, which would make Small Game for Big Hunters the likely episode.
  11. What the Butler Saw may have been cancelled and rescheduled as it reappears in the listings for June 23 1970 at 8pm.
  12. How to Succeed .... at Murder was shown on TV Singapura 8 instead of the usual TV Singapura 5 channel.

Data for overseas broadcasts above has known omissions as episodes were frequently not identified by title in newspaper listings, please see the series transmission and production dates spreadsheet and the sections below for more information.

The Canadian repeats or rescheduling occurred across all the CTV network stations showing the episodes on those dates so they were a national change.

The Avengers Down-under

The government-owned Australian Broadcasting Commission broadcast The Avengers in Australia.

In Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne, 25 episodes were broadcast in a row starting with The Murder Market on 1st May 1966 — but this was the only time the same episode was shown in all regions.

Melbourne started their “second series” two months earlier, kicking off with The Gilded Cage which had not been previously screened in the Victorian regions. This was followed by six more unbroadcast episodes from series 3 and then continued to go straight into showing series 4 without a break. This resulted in a second series of thirty-two episodes in Melbourne.

The NSW and ACT series was 25 episodes, and Melbourne 32 because Too Many Christmas Trees was held back and broadcast as a Christmas special in all regions on 25th December 1966, four months after the rest of the series and completing the broadcast of all 26 episodes.

The Australian broadcast dates are all confirmed from newspaper listings.

Thirteen episodes of this series were repeated across Australia from July to September 1967, filling the gap between the first half of series 5 and the second half, which kicked off with A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station. This meant The Avengers were shown for eight straight months of 1967 across Australia. It was so popular that the CEO of TCN9, a commercial station, complained in the press that the ABC was affecting his business and had no right to take popular shows, as the ABC was the government-run broadcaster. The repeated episodes are all from the first fifteen episodes, leaving out Castle De’Ath and The Hour that Never Was.

The Avengers in North America

Most English-language channels in Canada, including Quebec, saw every episode of series 4 networked across the country in prime time on Sunday nights from January 16 to August 21, 1966 on the CTV network. It was synchronised across time zones, so Ontario and Quebec saw it at 7.30pm, while Manitoba and Saskatchewan saw it at the same time, that is 6.30pm locally. I assume that means Newfoundland, Labrador and Nova Scotia saw it at 8.30pm but I have not seen any listings from those provinces. British Columbia and Alberta and possibly parts of Saskatchewan ran them later in the year, as the CTV practice was to have the Western provinces run shows that would have been too early when synchronised at 10pm or on different dates. They saw ten episodes, starting on December 2, 1966; it’s possible there were more shown at an earlier or later date. CBTV Quebec showed ten episodes of The Avengers in French from January 19 until March 31, 1967.

The Winnipeg Tribune lists the following episodes on additional dates:

This would suggest that these six episodes were either repeated or rescheduled nationally, as all other episodes are in line with episodes known to be shown in other regions. This also explains apparent gaps in programming and why the series ran for 32 weeks instead of 26 weeks, and would indicate these pre-emptions or repeats were across the whole CTV network.

United States

The ABC-TV Network broadcast The Avengers across the United States of America. Times for the USA are for New York and other areas, such as Los Angeles, used the same timeslot. Chicago screened them an hour earlier (9pm for this series’ first run) to take into account the timezone difference between Chicago and New York and keep them synchronised across the East and Midwest. ABC-TV only showed twenty-one episodes from this series.

The Avengers in Asia
Hong Kong

Rediffusion Television Hong Kong started screening The Avengers on July 24 1965 at 10.40pm, just before the Saturday night end of transmission. Unfortunately, the South China Post is very reluctant to list which episode was shown when, but we know it started with Box of Tricks due to the scathing review of the episode printed the following Saturday, July 31 1965. The review is confusing, though, as it seems to suggest the reviewer was already familiar with the show and disappointed to have Venus instead of Cathy. The late time slot was kept until October 23 and then, as it had been a rating success, The Avengers was shown again the next day, October 24 1965, in the prime time Sunday 6.30pm timeslot. It stayed at this time until January 1966, when ten Diana Rigg episodes were shown commencing on January 23 1966 in the 6.30pm timeslot, mostly unspecified by the newspaper, and finishing on March 27.

Rediffusion Television Hong Kong started a combined run of series 4, 5 and 6 of The Avengers on June 23 1968 with A Surfeit of H2O. The run lasted until January 28 1970, presumably with Bizarre.

The last episode from series 4 listed is Too Many Christmas Trees on December 22 1968, but the episode the following week is not identified and might be from series 4 to make a full run of all 26 episodes.

Redifussion Television Hong Kong also ran dubbed versions of The Avengers in Cantonese, starting two months earlier, on April 29 1968 and running until May 27 1969. I do not have any episode title information for these broadcasts.


TV Malaysia ran a fairly jumbled run of The Avengers, starting with series 4 in 1967–8, with two episodes of series 5. At this time TV Malaysia only had one station, which had different channel numbers in different parts of the country.
They started with The Murder Market on September 10 1967. The run of 27 episodes finished with two episodes from series 5, The See-Through Man and The Winged Avenger, then Castle De’Ath on March 5 1968. I assume A Touch of Brimstone was the episode not broadcast as it is one of three for which we do not have transmission information and would have been at odds with the Muslim censors.


Starting on August 27 1967, TV Singapura broadcast sixteen episodes of series 4, for four weeks on the same night — and once the same timeslot, as the nearby competing TV Malaysia. The Avengers were mostly broadcast on TV Singapura 5, with the occasional episode on TV Singapura 8. The run flowed into a run of all 24 episodes from series 5 (as The Forget-Me-Knot started the run of series 6 on December 1 1968).

South Korea

KBS TV showed episodes of The Avengers ( 어벤저 ) from series 4 from November 18 1969 to 30 June 1970, with several breaks in the run and several repeats and cancellations. Probably all of the series was shown, but the lack of clear episode information makes it hard to determine for sure.

The Avengers in Europe

The table below is expandable to show other countries. show all countries

# Episode France Switzerland French title Germany German title Netherlands Dutch title Italy Italian title Spain Spanish title
01 The Town of No Return 2/05/1967 8:00pm 10/12/1966 8:35pm Voyage sans retour 20/12/1966 9:15pm Stadt ohne Rückkehr 19/09/1967 9:00pm De Spookstad 29/10/80 C51 Il città senza ritorno / Il paese senza ritorno 14/02/1967 10:15pm El pueblo de donde no se regresa 1
02 The Gravediggers 5/7/91 FR3 - Les fossoyeurs 7/02/1967 9:15pm Die Totengrüber 22/02/1969 9:00pm De doodgravers 14/11/80 C51 Servizio funebre 28/03/1967 10:15pm Los sepultureros
03 The Cybernauts 27/05/1973 12:00 AM 19/11/1966 8:40pm Les cybernautes 18/10/1966 9:15pm Die Roboter - De robot 2 15/11/80 C51 I cibernauti 14/03/1967 10:15pm Los Cibernautas
04 Death at Bargain Prices 13/06/1967 8:00pm 28/01/1967 9:20pm Mort en magasin 21/03/1967 9:15pm Auzverkauf des Todes 2/11/1968 9:00pm Moord tegen opruimingsprijzen (N2) 17/10/1969 10:00pm Corsa contro il tempo 28/02/1967 10:15pm Muerte a plazos módicos
05 Castle De’Ath 3/7/91 FR3 - Le fantôme du château De’Ath 10/01/1967 9:15pm Das schottische Schloß 16/08/1967 9:20pm Het geheimzinnige kasteel (N2) 30/10/80 C51 L’ultimo dei De’Ath 24/07/1967 4:10pm El castillo de la muerte
06 The Master Minds 6/06/1967 8:00pm 4/11/1966 8:35pm Les aigles 21/02/1967 9:15pm Club der Hirne 27/06/1967 9:05pm Superintellect - - 12/06/1967 4:00pm Los amos de la mente 1
07 The Murder Market 11/04/1967 10:10pm 1/10/1966 9:20pm Cœur à cœur - Das Mörderinstitut - - 7/08/1969 10:00pm Lovejoy & C. (RAI 1) 7/02/1967 10:15pm El mercado de asesinatos
08 A Surfeit of H2O 23/7/91 FR3 - Dans sept jours le déluge - Eine Überdosis Wasser / H2O — Tödliches Naß 17/09/1968 9:10pm De zondvloed 28/11/80 C51 H2O 11/04/1967 10:15pm Un exceso de H2o / Un exceso de agua
09 The Hour that Never Was 11/07/1967 8:05pm 25/02/1967 9:10pm L’heure perdue - Die Fehlende Stunde 7/03/1967 8:55pm Het verdwenen uur / Het uur dat niet bestond 30/11/80 C51 Il tempo si è fermato 19/06/1967 4:05pm La hora que nunca llegó / La hora que nunca existió
10 Dial a Deadly Number 4/04/1967 10:10pm 12/11/1966 8:35pm Meurtre par téléphone 6/12/1966 9:15pm Vorsicht bei Anruf 18/10/1966 9:05pm De dood telefoneert 3/10/1969 10:00pm Doppio gioco (RAI 1) 21/02/1967 10:15pm Marque un numero mortal / Discar un numero mortal
11 Man-eater of Surrey Green 12/7/91 FR3 - La mangeuse d’hommes du Surrey - Mörderischer Löwenzahn 25/01/1969 9:00pm Een mensetende plant / De mensetende plant - - 5/06/1967 4:10pm Los antropófagos de Surrey Green / El canibal de Surrey Green 3
12 Two’s a Crowd 9/7/91 FR3 - Un Steed de trop 22/11/1966 9:15pm 2:1=1 24/08/1967 8:30pm De dubbelganger (N2) - - 29/05/1967 4:10pm Dos son demasiado 4
13 Too Many Christmas Trees 21/09/1973 12:00 AM 17/12/1966 8:35pm Faites de beaux rêves - Der Weihnachtsalptraum - - 3/12/80 C51 Troppi alberi di Natale 7/03/1967 10:15pm Demasiados árboles en Navidad
14 Silent Dust 9/05/1967 8:03pm 15/10/1966 9:35pm La poussière qui tue 8/11/1966 9:30pm Tödlicher Staub 30/05/1967 9:00pm Dodelijke mest 5 29/10/80 C51 Morte silenziosa 17/07/1967 4:05pm El polvo del silencioso / Polvo silencioso
15 Room without a View 27/7/91 FR3 14/01/1967 8:35pm Avec vue imprenable 8/08/1967 9:15pm Geschlossene Räume 28/01/1967 8:55pm Kamer zonder uitzicht (N2) 10/10/1969 10:00pm Stanza 621 / Camera senza vista (RAI 1) 4/04/1967 10:15pm Un cuarto sin vista / La habitación sin ventana
16 Small Game for Big Hunters 25/04/1967 8:00pm 8/10/1966 9:40pm Petit gibier pour gros chasseurs 4/04/1967 9:15pm Afrikanischer Sommer 11/09/1967 9:35pm De slaapziekte 26/11/80 C51 Piccolo gioco per grandi cacciatori 3/07/1967 4:05pm Presa chica para grandes cazadores / Un juego simple para grandes cazadores
17 The Girl from Auntie 18/7/91 FR3 - Maille à partir avec les taties - Nadeln töten leiser / Mrs. Peel, zum Ersten, zum Zweiten, zum Dritten 23/07/1968 9:10pm Een rechts, twee averechts 24/11/80 C51 Cercate ‘la vecchia’ 31/07/1967 4:10pm La muchacha de Aunty / La chica de auntie
18 The Thirteenth Hole 4/07/1967 8:05pm 18/03/1967 9:10pm Le jeu s’arrête au 13 7/03/1967 9:15pm Das dreizehnte Loch 13/12/1966 8:50pm Een Partijtje Golf / ’n Partijtje golf 24/10/1969 10:00pm La tredicesima buca 26/06/1967 4:00pm El hoyo 13
19 Quick-Quick Slow Death 27/06/1967 8:00pm 18/02/1967 9:10pm La danse macabre 24/01/1967 9:15pm Gefährliche Tanzstunde 25/07/1967 9:35pm Dodendans 21/07/1969 A passo di danza 6 21/08/1967 4:15pm Rápido, rápido, muerte lenta / Una muerte rápida, rápida, pero lenta
20 The Danger Makers 2/7/91 FR3 26/11/1966 9:20pm Les chevaliers de la mort 18/07/1967 9:15pm Der Club der schwarzen Rose - De vreesaanjagers 7 26/11/80 C51 La fabbrica del brivido - Los amantes del peligro
21 A Touch of Brimstone 1/7/91 FR3 17/05/1967 10:10pm Le club de l’enfer - Die Nacht der Sünder - - 3/12/80 C51 Un pizzico di zolfo - Un toque Diabólico
22 What the Butler Saw 20/06/1967 8:00pm 11/02/1967 8:35pm Les espions font le service 18/04/1967 9:15pm Butler sind gefährlich 19/04/1969 9:00pm Steed wordt butler 12/08/1969 9:00pm Cercate il maggiordomo (RAI 1) 28/08/1967 4:10pm Lo que el mayordomo vio / ¿Qué vio el mayordomo?
23 The House That Jack Built 6/7/91 FR3 - L’héritage diabolique - Das Häuschen im Grünen 20/08/1968 9:40pm Het huis van oom Jack 17/11/80 C51 Benvenuti a casa del povero Jack - La casa que jack construyó
24 A Sense of History 30/05/1967 8:00pm 8 22/10/1966 9:25pm L’économe et le sens de l’histoire 1/08/1967 9:15pm Robin Hood spielt mit 11/07/1968 8:55pm Het Europaplan - - 14/08/1967 4:10pm Un sentido de la Historia / con sentido historicó
25 How to Succeed .... at Murder 23/05/1967 8:00pm 8 3/12/1966 8:35pm Abus de confiance / Comment réussir un assassinat? - Mordet die Männer! 25/06/1968 9:10pm Moord in de zakenwereld 12/11/80 C51? Scuola di danza per delitto 7/08/1967 4:10pm Cómo tener éxito en el asesinato / como trunfar … en el crimen
26 Honey for the Prince 20/7/91 FR3 4/02/1967 9:20pm Du miel pour le prince 4/07/1967 9:15pm Honig für den Prinzen 8/08/1968 9:15pm Honig voor de prins 25/11/80 C51 Miele per il principe - Miel para el príncipe

  1. In Spain, The Master Minds was originally scheduled — and listed — for 14th February 1967 at 10:15pm but Nueve España indicates that it was pre-empted by The Town of No Return. The Master Minds was later broadcast on 12th June 1967 at 4pm.
  2. The Cybernauts appears to have never been broadcast in the Netherlands. There is an episode that was supposed to be broadcast on 14th November, 1967 entitled “De robot” but the episode synopsis given in the television listing is for Return of the Cybernauts. The episode was pre-empted by the broadcast of a football match between Feijenoord and Arsenal, and it was finally shown on 2nd December, 1967. It’s possible the listings were wrong, however, as Return of the Cybernauts was broadcast on 17th May, 1969 under the title “De terugkeer van de robots”.
  3. In Spain, Man-eater of Surrey Green was originally scheduled for 14th Match 1967 but replaced by The Cybernauts.
  4. There is an unofficial Spanish listing in an advertisement for television repairs that calls Two’s a Crowd Dos son multitud.
  5. Silent Dust was scheduled for May 2 1967 in the Netherlands, appearing in listings in Dagblad de Stem and Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant but is not in the listing for that date in Leidsh Dagblad — it seems the documentary about the Nazi Reichcommissar who install a reign of terror in Holland during World War II, Wie was Arthur Seyss-Inquart? took two hours, as “Dodelijke mest” reappears a couple weeks later, on May 30 1967 — although different papers give different times of broadcast! Dagblad de Stem incorrectly says 9.20pm, giving The Avengers only half an hour, but Leidsh Dagblad says 9pm.
  6. Quick-Quick Slow Death does not appear in Italian listings in 1969 but A passo di danza is reported in the audience data for July 1969 as published in Radiocorriere on 4th October 1969. It seems likely that it was a stand-by programme used during the Apollo 11 coverage on 20 or 21 July, 1969. The Twilight Zone episode Would the Real Martian Please Stand Up? (Italian: Ai confini della realtà — Chi è il vero marziano?) was reportedly shown on July 20 1969 so it is perhaps more likely that this episode was shown on the 21st July. Both telefilms received high ratings in the October report, so it seems likely both benefited from being during the Apollo coverage. A passo di danza appears in a repeat run in 1979.
  7. There is an episode is listed for broadcast on 12th December 1967 in the Netherlands under the title “De vreesaanjagers” which could conceivably be The Danger Makers — but is more likely an early Dutch translation of the title for The Fear Merchants, later shown (9/8/1969) as “Handel in Angst”. Most listings for 12th December 1967 have “De autorally” (Dead Man’s Treasure instead so The Danger Makers may never have been shown in Holland.
  8. Some Swiss newspapers (e.g. La Liberté) report A Sense of History being on 23rd May on ORTF2 and then again a week later on the 30th. But L’Impartial has Abus de confiance (How to Succeed .... at Murder) on the 23rd so it would seem that A Sense of History was moved down the order and pre-empted by the other episode.

The Spanish titles here are from contemporary newspaper listings and differ greatly from those used on DVD sets.

There was another episode scheduled to be broadcast in Spain on RTE-1 at 4:45pm on 10th July 1967 but it was pre-empted by an extended sports report which included Tour de France coverage (see below).

Italy only showed six episodes, and What the Butler Saw was a stand-by programme when the first episode of Paoloa Ojetti’s highly anticipated Italian production of Rebecca was pre-empted because of extended coverage of Italian parliamentary debate. La Stampa reported the substitution thus:

Chi aspettava l’attore italiano al varco del confronto con Laurence Olivier nell’interpretazione di Rebecca è rimasto deluso. In apertura di serata c’era un’avventura della serie «Agente speciale» intitolata Cercate il maggiordomo. Niente de eccezionale, un poco di poliziesco e di giallo conditi di notazioni umoristiche in attesa di una speciale edizione di «Oggi al Palamento».
Whoever was waiting to see the Italian comparison with Laurence Olivier in the interpretation of Rebecca was disappointed. Opening the evening was an adventure from the “Special Agent” series, entitled Look for the Butler. Nothing exceptional, a little detective thriller seasoned with humorous notations while we waited for a special edition of “Oggi al Palamento”.
Italy: La Stampa, August 13 1969, announcing that What the Butler Saw had replaced Rebecca on 12 August.
Spain: ABC Madrid, July 9 1970, announcing an episode on 10 July.
Spain: El Noticiero, July 9 1970, shows that the Tour de France coverage has taken the timeslot on 10 July.

Italy would not show any episodes again until Tele Torino International broadcast them in the 1980s — this meant Italian public television would not show any again until The New Avengers. Italian Avengers fans had to make do with broadcasts from surrounding countries such as France, Yugoslavia, and Switzerland. In the North they were lucky because Svizzera Italiana broadcast Series 5 in Italian (I think, or at least had them subtitled in Italian), from October 1973 to July 1974.

KRO in The Netherlands seemed unsure what to do with The Avengers and started very shakily — episodes could be six to eight weeks apart, or only 8 days, with no clear pattern. By late 1967 it had become a mix of episodes from series 4 and series 5. Most were shown on Tuesday nights but episodes were broadcast on every night of the week except Friday or Sunday.

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