The Fashion Guide to Series 4 (1965–6)

Page 10

RAF squadron leader’s uniform

He wears the uniform of a Royal Air Force Squadron Leader, including the trademark bushy moustache.

Butler’s uniform

He wears a butler’s outfit — plain long-sleeved white shirt with wing collar and straight black tie, black waistcoat and tail coat with black trousers and shoes. He briefly wears a white apron, and some elasticated arm clips. She is wearing her cruciform coat over the outfit below.

Pale green and white dress

She wears a sleeveless pale green and white dress with white Peter Pan collar. The dress is laced down the breast three times until the chevroned waist, the skirt below the waist being a paler green than the upper torso. The hem has a thick band of even paler cloth, the waistline is straight around the back.
Worn with silver stockings and white shoes, and initially with her cruciform coat.

Marigold jacket

She wears a marigold jacket with white diamond-shaped frogs. The jacket has no collar and a dark belt, the short sleeves reveal her favourite white blouse with the rollneck and loose cuffs. Here, the cuffs are fastened for once. The trousers may be the same colour as the jacket, but they’re not visible.
Steed wears his chalk-striped navy suit.

Cream jacket

She wears a cream twill (detail bottom right) cotton jacket and matching trousers with black belt (far right — it’s loose or there’s a black stripe down the crotch as well). The jacket is double breasted with six large black buttons, and the pockets have outsized flaps. The skirt of the jacket is flared, it has two short vents. She wears it with her rollneck skivvy with the loose cuffs. While in the car, she wears her two tone gloves and her honeycomb head scarf

Worn in:

Honeycomb scarf

She wears a rollneck skivvy and black and white hipsters with a honeycomb head scarf while he wears his dark suit with a black bowler.

Robin Hood fancy dress

She wears a very brief(!) Robin Hood costume — a white collared man’s shirt with loose long sleeves and tight cuffs, a forest green cap with a feather, lace-up forest green tunic with scalloped brown trim (which is a bit short for her — bottom left), mid-length black boots and black briefs.
He wears a Sheriff of Nottingham costume. The outfit is brown with black and silver trim and is worn with a fur hat, black sword belt, brown surcoat and long brown boots.

Black dress with white dots

She wears a black dress with small white dots on it, long-sleeved with tight white cuffs. The breast has a large triangular white facing, descending to the belly and piped thinly in black.

Black and white miniskirt

She wears her rollneck skivvy with the loose cuffs with a plaid black and white mini skirt with a thick white belt. The skirt is worn hipster fashion.

Cream jacket

She wears a variation on the jacket above, this with a thin plaid, worn with her polo necked blouse with the open cuffs, white hipster pants with a black belt and Rayne’s black & white boots.

Worn in:

White ball gown

She wears a white ball gown with matching stole. The gown is ankle-length and embroidered with a pattern of hearts as far as the high waist. It is sleeveless and collarless, and quite a severely straight waistless cut. There is a large bow on the front at the waist, the gown zips up the back. the stole is similarly plain. It is accessorised with white shoes, a teddy bear and a balloon.
He wears his tuxedo and silk overcoat.

Grey polo shirt

He wears a pale (probably grey marle) polo shirt with black trousers.

Harem girl’s costume.

Initially with a white triangular veil with gold trim, and six layers of veils over the body (top left, and you can see the face veil around her neck in the picture bottom left). After the dance of the veils, she is revealed to be wearing a tight white bodice with jewelled decoration and hanging ornaments. She’s also wearing loose transparent harem pants and white hipster briefs, the pants have a gold trim and are bunched tightly at the ankle, although they have a tendency to slip at the hips. She is barefoot while wearing this outfit.
He wears his tuxedo and silk overcoat.

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